Cold Chain Solutions: The need for today's supply chain management

The cold chain solutions or the cool chain solutions are a series of actions or the equipment, which are applied to maintain a product in the low-temperature conditions. This cold chain supply chain is a temperature controlled supply chain. Unlike the other goods that are transported in frozen trucks or the cold storage, the cold chain goods are always perishable, and always are going towards the end chain consumer. The cold chain solutions are used to preserve the perishable products and make sure that their shelf life is a little more extended than the usual. These products include fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen foods, photographic films, chemicals, and some pharmaceutical drugs.
The uses of cold chain solutions are common in the food industry, in a few pharmaceutical industries and also in a few chemical industries. The pharmaceutical industries using cold chain solutions have an average temperature range of about 2°C to 8°C. Being different from the fresh produce cargos, the cold chains need to maintain some additional specific temperature parameters, which also include the air quality levels like the carbon dioxide, oxygen, humidity, and a few other parameters.
The cold chains also play an important role in the supply of vaccines to distant clinics in the hot climatic conditions, where the transport facilities also are poor. There have been incidents where the vaccines were supplied to some of the third world countries without proper cold chains, and this caused the inactivation of the vaccine due to the excess exposure to heat. In addition, the patients who were being immunized by these vaccines ran a greater risk of other health risks rather than being cured. This is the reason why cold chain solutions are important in the supply of the vaccines because the vaccines need a specific temperature.
We can see that the cold chains are usually used to carry the vaccines from one place to another. The food products are transported using the cold storage vans, but vaccines are transported from one place to another using the cold chains. This is because, the vaccines need to be kept in a highly controlled temperature, and if that does not happen, then the excess exposure to heat can make the vaccines inactive. Thus, cold chains are used to maintain the potency of the vaccines.
There are some products that if they are not stored in the cool temperatures have bacterial growth. These products mostly include perishable food materials. Also, it includes vaccines. Some vaccines might initiate bacterial growth if they are not stored in cold temperatures. For this, it is necessary that they are stored in a cold storage, or the cold chains. With the several uses of the cold chain, there also is a necessity to evaluate and control the cold chains. The temperature sensors need to be controlled and be kept in check to provide better solutions.