Cold Storage Vehicles India: The Solution to prevent damage of perishable goods

A cold storage truck, also called as the refrigerator truck is used to carry the perishable items from one place to another in specific controlled temperatures. Certain food products need to be delivered from one place to another, and they have a high risk of being perished. For this, the cold storage vans are used. Even though the vans are widely used to carry food products, it is also used for many other things. Sometimes some industrial chemicals need controlled temperatures; the cold storage vans are used for this too.

This concept of the refrigerated trucks or vans is a very old concept, as before the compressor-based system came into existence, ice was used to keep the goods cold. A refrigerated truck has a refrigeration unit, and it is also insulated. Although there are refrigerating companies that produce only refrigerated trucks, whereas there are other companies that produce both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks. There is a refrigeration unit or the reefer unit in the trucks that controls the temperature in the trucks. This is generally a compressor, which works on the power that is generated by the running of the truck; hence, it requires fuel to keep the storage cold. There is also another concept of the frozen storage, but the temperatures in the frozen storage are even lesser than the cold storage trucks.

These refrigerated trucks greatly differ from the insulated or ventilated vans, which are commonly used for the transport of fruits. None of these trucks are filled with the cooling apparatus. These cold storage trucks or the refrigerator trucks can be ice-cooled or can come with some other variety of mechanical refrigeration systems. These can include the diesel engines, or they can also use carbon dioxide, in either liquid form or as the dry ice, as a cooling agent in the vans. The average temperature in the cold storage vans can be around -10°C to -25°C.

There are now improvements in the cold storage vehicles in India. Considering the effect it has on the environment, many companies are coming up with eco-friendly solutions for the cold storage vans. The new cold storage vans that are being manufactured include the features such as no use of fuel or energy during the transport. Many of the companies are now using the eutectic plates in the vans, which provide the necessary cooling in the vans. With the help of these plates, the temperature of the vans is maintained for about 10 to 12 hours.

The advantages of these new eco-friendly cold storage trucks are that they provide economical transport with the savings on fuel, energy, and even the labor. The roll containers allow easy unloading of the goods. The use of these vans can also reduce the cost of operations. There is no requirement of skilled personnel for the handling of the systems. And even if the truck breaks down, there will still be excellent protection of the goods, as it does not run on fuel.