Cold chain logistics and its benefits

Many a time it is seen in television or newspapers about the decaying or damaging of food products or materials during their transportation from one place to another place. This may lead to a huge amount of food resources spoilage and scarcity, which thereby affects the human population and life.
But now the question arises why is there a need to transport food products or materials from one place to another? As everything does not grow everywhere, some crops are specified to grow in specific regions, thereby making it necessary for transportation so that everyone can utilize them and can take nutrients from them.
Cold chain logistics is an optimum solution for all the above-mentioned problems. 
What is cold chain logistics?
A cold chain logistic is an effective technique that inculcates the process of transportation of products, especially food products from one place to another by preventing their spoilage.
One of the major factors leading to food spoilage is temperature. Temperature variations can result in damage of food products. As different food products are made of different components, the food products consist of different tolerance levels or temperatures.
Cold chain technology performs the function of temperature regulation. It consists of processes or reactions that maintain the low temperature optimum for the food products, which thereby helps in avoiding their spoilage.
Why is there need of cold chain logistics?
Some food products or crops are referred to as putrefiable. The term putrefiable is used for products having a tendency to get damaged due to change in environment. Temperature is one such factor responsible for the putrefaction of food products. Therefore these products are temperature sensitive.
The cold chain logistics is needed as it is responsible for the safe shipment of heat or temperature sensitive products through a series or chain of processes with the help of heat or temperature regulating instruments like refrigerated trucks or cars. All these processes are coordinated according to a logistic plan.
Elements of cold chain logistics

  • Packaging- The packaging is done in a way so as to make negligible interaction between product and heat, as more heat leads to spoilage of products. The insulation of the package is much effective.
  • Monitoring- It involves checking the regulation of temperature during transportation. Temperature controlling devices are used in order to avoid an increase in temperature.
  • Customs- Any transportation or shipment from one area to another area requires paperwork, which is customs. All the paperwork should be done correctly and quickly in order to avoid late delivery.
  • Storage- A cold chain consists of proper storage houses for storing food products. The warehouses are temperature controlled, thereby keeping the food products safe from getting spoiled.
  • Quality assurance- The quality of products are properly examined before their delivery. A proper quality check is conducted to avoid future problems.
  • End customer- This element involves delivering the product to the customers.

Cold chain logistics is the best technical process that ensures the delivery of products in good condition. They function in the same way everywhere. Cold chain logistics in India works in a similar and effective way.