In today's globalised world, pharmaceutical products are supplied around the globe by passing various types of climate and time zones. These high-priced pharmaceutical products need as much perfect temperature control so that they can remain as much long-lasting as possible. There are various ways to transport pharmaceutical products from one place to another, special kind of storage place and buses that use pharmaceutical cold chain solutions are the best among them. In the pharmaceutical industry, cold chain technology is mainly used to transport medicines, vaccines and some special kind of venoms mostly. 

How does this whole process work in the pharmaceutical industry?
In this supply chain, the goods that are being shipped must maintain a specific temperature.  This temperature is regularly monitored by the staff members transporting the goods. When the pharmaceutical is delivered, it is necessary that the temperature is maintained within the licensed range of the products. If during shipping there is any violation of the temperature of the products outside the range, it may negatively affect the quality of the pharmaceutical products and whenever this happens, the shipment value of millions may be affected or sometimes even be lost. It provides a negative impact on the customers and also threatens the patient’s safety, which is why the task is essential and critical at the same time.

Cold Chain shipping is faster than regular shipping services:
There is no chance for delay when it comes to cold chain transportation, or it can be said that there is no option for delay when pharmaceutical products are being shipped. Everyone knows that even in maintained temperature these pharmaceutical products have a very short life and a small delay can turn out to be a huge mistake. Cold chain shipping has to be faster than any other shipping services so that it can reduce the possibility of delay as much as possible. Still, every year around 25 per cent of the vaccines are wasted because of lack of proper storage and delayed shipping.

Role of Cold chain warehouses before and after shipping:
When pharmaceutical products are not shipped, and after they reach their destination they need a place that uses cold chain technology so that products can remain in good condition. Warehouses are the places where all the medicines kept. A warehouse also uses cold chain technology to maintain the perfect temperature for pharmaceutical products. Huge stocks of the pharmaceutical can easily be kept and survive in cold chain warehouses. These cold chain warehouses support manual adjustments of temperature and humidity so that it can be adjusted according to the requirements of the different pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceutical cold chain solutions have surely changed the whole landscape of the pharmaceutical industry. Because of cold chain technology, all sorts of pharmaceutical goods can be easily transported and kept in all parts of the world. It plays a critical role in life expectancy of the pharmaceutical products.