How Cold Chain Solutions Has Evolved the Landscape of Supply Chain Management

A cold chain solution is a temperature controlled supply chain. Cold chain solutions are an essential technology and it has enhanced the whole landscape of the supply chain management. A cold chain is generally used to supply agricultural products such as food, beverage, meat and fish and also many kinds of pharmaceutical and chemical products. When such temperature-sensitive products are kept in the cold chain, it ensures that the quality of the product remains fresh as new. It is essential to use a cold chain to preserve the quality of the products that have a short lifespan.

1.Importance of cold chain in conserving and delivering quality food products:

Farmers produce enough food to fulfill the needs of about 10 billion people worldwide, but still, there are at least one billion people in this world that are starving. So, the problem here is not the food production but food distribution. One-third of the food is always wasted, and so, reducing food waste is very important with delivering quality products. Here, the role of cold chain becomes very important, since through cold chains now food can remain fresh for a more extended period, which means it can be transported in farther regions. The cold chain is the reason why food of all the countries is available in other countries.

2. Importance of cold chain in the healthcare industry:

Various important pharmaceutical products are needed to be stored in the cold chain to preserve them for a longer period. Most of the antivenoms, blood, and so many different things need the right temperature to survive, and that is why, cold chain is a blessing in the healthcare industry. Cold chains also play a significant role when it comes to supplying medicines in regions where there is very less human population because of harsh climatic and geographical conditions. Approximately 25 percent of the vaccines that are produced are wasted because of lack of proper storage facilities for them.

3.Importance of cold chain for other temperature sensitive items:

There are other temperature sensitive items also that include plants, flowers, synthetic products, high tech electronic components, and paints. These items need the right temperature to survive. Otherwise, they cannot survive for an extended period. Without cold chain transport, it is almost impossible to transport these products from different parts of the world. Computer parts are imported from all over the globe and assembled in a plant. Without cold chain, this rigidity in the production of computer parts is not possible. Plants can die if it is too hot or cold. So, it is necessary to keep them in the right temperature and cold chain is the only option available till the date.
No other technology can replace or even compete with cold chain solutions. Cold has enabled the supply management to provide better services and preserve the best quality of products as well. Thus, there is only one and only way to preserve most of the temperature-sensitive times and that is through cold chain solutions.