Know the Importance of cold storage vehicles

The invention of the refrigeration system was important to both the consumer and the supplier. With refrigeration system, we can make an organic product last longer than its normal life period. 
Earlier when the supply was more than the demand, it was considered as wasted or sold at a very low price. But with the refrigeration system, the products were conserved to meet the next demand. Through this method, there is a minimum loss with the safe storage of remaining products. It also has helped India to export it's products to different countries.
What are cold storage vehicles?
Cold storage vehicles India have refrigerators installed in them. The products which have the possibility of getting damaged during transportation use these cold storage vehicles. A lot of changes took place since their first use. Now they come with GPS and Temperature Control Panel.
They also have-

  • Multi-Temperature compartments
  • MS structure

These help to track the vehicle and control the appropriate temperature needed to keep the products safe. These vehicles can produce temperature from -25 to 15-degree Celsius. Wide range of temperature control allows setting the right temperature for the products to be conserved.
Sectors that have high demands for cold storage vehicles-

  • Almost every organic sector has the need for cold storage vehicles India, especially vegetables, dairy, and meat. All these products require a controlled environment to sustain for a long time.
  • Milk and meat, both have a higher chance of getting damaged, if left without temperature regulation.
  • Farmers are also realizing that investment in the cold chain will earn them good profit with minimum loss. They can now conserve the extra supply for the future.
  • Many dairy products also have high demands in foreign countries such as Brazil, Russia, Iran, and Pakistan.

Impact cold storage transports have on the market-

Cold storage vehicles are a major part of our market. With so many perishable items being moved day and night, it is important to keep them in good condition. Even some hours of delay may compromise with the quality of the product.
It is impossible to book and transport the product at the same time. These vehicles drive from shop to shop and deliver the products needed.
Challenges faced by the companies-

  • While transporting perishable goods, time holds an important role. It is necessary to create an unbreakable and smooth chain of supply and deliver the product in time. As said earlier, a few hours of delay can tamper the product.
  • This chain is fragmented. Supply of the product relay on small distance transportation. These producers are operated in certain areas, where supplying products will be simple.
  • There are no good roads present to make transportation easy. People also lack the technology awareness needed.
  • Another problem is electricity. With the rising price of electricity, it has become difficult for the supplier to supply products economically.
  • While macro needs are being addressed by the government, it is also important to spread awareness about the technology, needed to increase productivity.

Therefore, from here we conclude that cold storage vehicles India are in high demand because of the perishable goods that are in high demand in the market. This type of supple chain not only helps the suppliers to protect the products from damage, but also provides us with fresh products.