The Evolution of Supply Chain — Reefer Transportation

The terms ‘supply chain management’ was coined back in 1983, but the task of moving, tracking and stocking products has a very long history. After World War 2 when industrialisation started in Europe, rather a specific part of Europe named England, the supply chain began evolving rapidly where industries like reefer transportation companies began gaining their position in the market. But it is not industrialisation or any single factor like this that has led to the evolution of the supply chain, but it involves many other contributing factors. Humans started supply chain when they began gathering, hunting, and scavenging for their survival and that got evolved day by day. But if we talk about the modern-day evolution of supply chain, then it is not that much older. 

In the early period of the 1990s
In the early 1990s, most of the industries started focusing on specialisation model where the core proficiency was focused upon.  After 1940, the focus shifted to the use of mechanisation in the industries and engineers started working on how to take more advantage of warehouses and tracking systems. The concept of transportation management also came into existence with the development of containers and barbells, which were transported through ships, trains and trucks to all over the world.

From the 1960s to early 1980s
During this period, the evolution of the supply chain started at an enormous scale Japanese manufacturing technologies were introduced and very soon it was adopted around the world. Nothing could beat the Japanese technology in the field of manufacturing because their technology offered cost reduction, which, which other method could provide. During this period, the supply chain was also facing re-engineering. Transport on of trucks massively increased during this period through trains and it was still an essential mode of transportation. Introduction of computers also brought various rapid changes.

After the 1980s
The emergence of computers in the early 1980s turned out to be an essential weapon for the planners, and new graphics environment of planning was established during this period. Now, the market was flooded with the map-based infrastructures. New computer technologies and algorithms boosted the airline sector and the airline sector around the world started to flourish rapidly.

The future of supply chains
After 1980s, the computer contributed a lot in the evolution of the supply chain. The use of computer technology was used in almost every mode of transport to all the newly established technologies. The communication capability suddenly changed, ways of human thinking also completely changed. The capacity for information sharing had also fundamentally changed after the 1980s.  It is estimated that in the future technology advancement is going to provide good value in addressing the supply chain and logistics.
The evolution of supply chain has changed everything in the field of industries after World War 2. There are many factors that have affected the supply chain in both good and bad ways. Like instruction of the computers had changed the whole game after the 1980s and still, there are some negative factors that are still unknown till the date. In the modern days, reefer transportation companies have been coming up with new advanced methods of transporting goods.