Cold Chain Solutions – The cool transport systems

Cold chain logistics (that is a temperature-controlled supply chain) are an important factor for the working of today’s economy. The increased dependence of the urban population and the rural population to some extent has made the working of cold chain logistics paramount. Cold chain solutions are also important for transportation of medicines, vaccines, chemicals and sophisticated instruments.
The cold chain solutions market is a booming business in today's economy, but just like everything else, a number of problems emerged as it grew over time.
What are the problems associated?

  • Environmental conditions in a country like India can change every now and then. Even different parts of the country have a great difference in climate conditions.
  • Connectivity is low in many rural areas. Connecting with the drivers and operations of the cold chain becomes very difficult.
  • Lack of training and lack of understanding of the machines and equipment by the staff directly related to the cold chain.
  • Lack of proper labelling.
  • Lack of trust even among some of the urban population on foods transported in a cold chain.

Changes required to be incorporated in Cold chain solutions

  • The storage area that is where the goods are stored should be spacious and have adequate air flow.
  • There should be the installation of fire safety systems in the storage houses along with temperature controlled sophisticated alarms.
  • Special teams should be set up for research on the optimum temperature controlled during a different type of weather conditions.
  • Equipment where things are stored that is especially refrigerators should be spacious so that there is adequate airflow and the goods don’t squeeze against each other.
  • Special packaging products must be used so that temperature is controlled even among the packages when they are in transit and in a state where there is no temperature control.
  • Special equipment should be installed at all receiving and packaging for monitoring temperature, humidity and also light.
  • This should also be installed in all transports related to the cold chain.
  • Alarms should be installed even in these transports.
  • A central control room should be set up monitoring temperature of all storage units and all transports along with their location.
  • The central control room should also take up the responsibility of informing each and every truck operators or other transport operators if the alarm goes off due to malfunction in the temperature controlling equipment.
  • Also, the operators should be informed about changing weather conditions all the time.
  • The above two rules should also be applied to storage units.
  • Also, employees should be provided with special satellite phones to stay connected with the control room 24 x 7.
  • Proper training sessions for new recruits should be organised for the company.
  • After manufacturing when the goods enter into the cold chain, they must be properly labelled along with their optimal temperature and expiry date.

The above steps could ensure proper handling and processing in the cold chain. Only by this food and other goods can gain the trust of the massive population and this boom and give useful service.