Cold Room Storage At Cold Chain Solutions

A large room or building exclusively designed for goods that are needed to be stored in an environment below the external temperature is known as a cool store, or cold store and services like cold chain solutions provide you with cold room storage and blast chiller.

There are many things that when normally stored or at room temperature, may get spoilt and a small refrigerator would not be able to accommodate so many items. Hence, these refrigerated rooms have been opted in those cases. 

The things needed to store include fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat or rare, delicatessen-type goods.  All these things that are in large quantity, for example, import/export of products. These rooms are generally located near shipping ports.

Started in the late 19th century, these cold rooms have become one of the essential parts of shipping industries, as they are ideal for keeping all sorts of “easily spoilt” items.

According to the latest research, cold storage rooms can even add value to Indian farmers.  They are quite beneficial for agricultural crops. As the major occupation in India is farming, cold room storage wholesalers, suppliers, and traders are indeed needed in the country.

Cold rooms can store crops for a longer time, and this can fulfil the different demands of the crops during the year; thus, furnishing an appealing price for the crops. However, the main objective of cold room is to keep the products cool during the trading period.

Products stay fresh for a maximum period of three days in the cold room, minimising their wastage that occurs when they get rotten at normal temperature. In addition to that, cold rooms are used to cool different types of fruits and vegetables (which need the same degree of temperature), at the same time.

The technique behind the life-extension of products is pre-cooling. In this technique, the crops within 4 hours after harvesting get cooled and thus, their lifetime is extended. This technique is implemented in cold rooms. Cold rooms are usually not equipped with humidity controllers.

These benefits lead to the popularity and establishment of cold storages. Studies reveal that, at present, there are nearly 450 cold storages in Gujarat in which 216 cold storages are for potatoes, as they can be preserved for more than 10 months in a cold room. Indian Government has also started power subsidy for cold storages in Gujarat that have an average stock capacity of 2000 MT. Brinjal has a shelf life of maximum 14 days in cold rooms under ideal conditions.

Cold room maintenance and selection of fruits and vegetables is based on some factors such as:

  1. Select the crop whose shelf life can be extended significantly.
  2. Sale of the crop is slow, i.e., it is needed to be stored for more time to get sold.
  3. The selling price of the crop should be high (even when the price fluctuates during the year), compensating the high power costs of cold rooms.


Services like cold chain solutions provide the well-maintained cold rooms with no faulty refrigeration equipment, within the budget and offer repairs if required.