Ensuring The Safety And Quality Of Products In Cold Chain Logistics India

Goods and products need to be transported from one part of the world to another as per the demand and supply of items. Even if transportation is happening within a country, it may have to pass through varying climatic conditions. This changing weather can affect perishable items and products which need to maintain constant temperature conditions. This issue was of prime concern for the logistics business and consequently cold chain logistics India came into existence.

With the help of cold chain logistics, transportation of various seasonal production and their availability throughout the year is made possible. The cold chain logistics in India are spread widely over different regions.

It is basically classified into two different temperature controlled sectors.:

  • Warehouses
  • Vehicles

These are the two different means of storage and transport of products.

Temperature Controlled Warehouses
The temperature controlled warehouses provide the storage requirements and inventory management of products that are temperature sensitive. There are trained and experienced professionals who follow a stringent process to ensure that food quality and safety is maintained well within the total stretch of cold chain logistics.

The warehouse contains different kinds of food and other products and preserving these products under ambient temperature environments to maintain their quality and freshness is of utmost importance.

They provide the following facilities at the warehouses:

  • Zones are rendering optimum temperature conditions for different types of food and non-food products.
  • Rapid cooling with the help of blast freezer or forced air cooling
  • Controlling the humidity
  • Areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are separated
  • Full-fledged Power Backup
  • Modern and advanced material handling and storage equipment
  • Online ordering and real-time inventory data management
  • Surveillance using 24/7 security cameras

Services provided at the warehouses are:

  • Storage
  • Re-packing
  • Picking
  • Kitting
  • Consolidation
  • Labeling

Temperature Controlled Vehicles

These are a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that transport products across the country from the production plants of manufacturers to the distribution centers. The main products involved are the transport of non-vegetarian foods, dairy products and also medicines which needs to be preserved under constant temperature.

Their fleet of multi-temperature, multi-sized vehicles sees to it that the products are delivered in the most suitable temperature conditions. In the multi-temperature vehicles, there are two different compartments that consistently and accurately maintain two levels of temperatures.

The various services that they provide are:

  • Transporting products from source to the warehouse which can be company or client owned.
  • Transporting products from warehouses to retail stores or restaurants.
  • Providing door pick-up and door delivery for milk agencies.
  • Consolidating your products with other client’s similar products to provide cost-effective transportation services.
  • Multimodal transport.

The temperature controlled warehouses and vehicles are an integral part of the cold chain logistics India. They ensure the safety and quality of the products delivered to various distant locations.

So, as a manufacturer it is important to opt for the best cargo agencies to supply the finished goods. Every manufacture wants the products to be delivered to the end customer in an undamaged condition. And this can be achieved if proper transportation method is followed.