How dairy products logistics are operated and analyzed in India

As there’s a gradual increase in the bearing of dairy products, the logistics of milk, yogurt, and cheese like products are required on a large scale by everyone. The logistics Industry in India is evolving rapidly, and it's the play of technology, infrastructure, and the service providers will tell us whether the industry is able to help its customer by providing effective and convenient services.
The change of government policies in taxation and administration of service providers are going to play a very important role in this process. With rising consumer demand and increasing population, there are a lot of things the dairy products logistics service provider need to consider, are stated below:

  • Coordination with the government and its policies – This is how shareholders and service providers can improve their services and increase their production by having good terms with the government and following its basic policies.
  • By adding value for the customers – The customer’s opinion should also be considered before supplying products. The hygiene and durability should be maintained as already dairy products have got a short shelf life.                         
  • By fetching out better tools and strategies – By maximizing the shelf life, an effective logistics strategy for dairy products must face critical issues that consider the shortest time, the freshest products, the least cost of transportation and the most utilized customers whose demands should be met and overcome all the strategies.
  • To enhance the quality of products - under hygienic environment to enable a superior quality, and the freshness, processing and supplying are to be carried out wisely.
  • To plan a better transportation system effective logistics – Dairy products are perishable and require special care and handling during transportation. So the market soul is analyzed first before transporting the products.

So the basic processes included by dairy products logistics service provider are: collecting the raw milk, warehousing it, taking it to the retailer and selling it to the customer.
As dairy products have characteristics different from those of other food products. Freshness is very substantial for the dairy products perishability and requires a temperature sensing system. That temperature sensitive system will create a suitable cold environment, but on the other hand, it will compel timing and cost. So the aim might be decreasing the operation, distribution, and transportation expense, using the raw material, enhancing the market share, and profits of dairy products while reaching the estimated customer demand.
Sometimes there are situations where negative responses against the product or out of stock problems exist. The existence of those kinds of things will obviously cause massive quantities of excess product and high costs. Consequently, producers and retailers are affected by the reaction of the customers about the product which usually occurs because of transportation.

At the time a new product is presented, unless it is a completely different creation, the plan of transportation will remain the same. In contrast, if the demand is great, a new logistics strategy might be useful. Therefore, the dairy products logistics should be considering all the factors mentioned above bearing in mind the consumer demand and market analysis