Crystal's 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service aims to provide end-to-end logistics solutions to the customers. The 3PL service is a single window solution for all logistics needs of the customer; right from the time the goods are manufactured to the time the end consumer receives goods.

The service involves the following steps that the company undertakes for its customers:

1. Primary distribution.
Primary distribution involves transportation from manufacturing facility to cold storages or mother hubs across the country.

2. Warehousing.
Once the goods are received at cold storages, the goods are stored at optimal conditions till an order for the same is procured. The service also involves managing the goods and maintaining the stock as per customer requirement using LIFO/FIFO/FEFO method.

3. Inventory Management.
Inventory management involves complete stock management for the customer. This involves keeping a detailed report of physical stock, inwards and dispatches. Inventory management also ensures a close check on all quality measures of the goods such as expiration dates, temperature variance, etc.

4. Order Management.
Order management involves receiving dispatch orders on the customers behalf and making the goods ready for dispatch. This service engages in packing, repacking, labeling, bulk breaking, grading and sorting facilities. The company provides services of generating invoices and payment collection on behalf of our customers.

5. Secondary distribution.
Secondary distribution involves transportation from cold storages to distribution centers or to wholesalers, finally to reach to the end consumer.

Crystal is responsible to integrate, coordinate, and manage functions for the efficient sourcing, storing and distribution.