Know about Reefer Containers and Transportation

Refrigerators help you significantly to keep your fruits and vegetables cold. You use it every second at your home for small or significant purposes but how would it be if the refrigerator is as big as your imagination? For a kilogram or two it is useful to use refrigerators at home but what if it becomes a quintal or tones? To fulfill this purpose, containers called Reefers are used which are a bigger version of the refrigerators at home. These reefer containers and transportation go hand in hand as they are extensively used for the motive of transportation of all the things which need controlled temperature.

Reefer containers
Reefer container is the short form of refrigerated containers. They are used to ship and transport various things, which are to be kept in freezing temperatures for more than a week or so. They can be considered as large size fridges that are used for maintaining the cold temperature inside it. Items such as fruits, meat, vegetable, dry fruits and other materials like pharmaceuticals and films are exported in a reefer containment.

Working on Reefer containers
Reefer containers have a T-shaped deck at the bottom which is used to split cold air in the container and circulate it among the goods kept in it. Although, the refrigerator is known for cooling reefers can be used to warm up the products when needed. The myth which people often believe is that the Reefer container cools the goods kept in it. Reefer isn't a cooler, but it is used to maintain the temperature of the substance which can be already cold or warm. 

Why Reefers for transportation?
Many countries like China, Japan, America, etc. export fruits or vegetables for business but in these far away countries it is difficult to maintain the freshness of the goods. As a solution to this reefer containers is used. These fruits may have some useful pathogens in them which are needed to meet various health purposes of people. This makes the reefer containing goods more critical. The fruits are exported to different parts of the world, but it is essential that when a country receives such cargos, the pathogens in the fruit are not lost. To ensure this, countries export fruits in the reefer containers.

How is cargo transported?
The fruits which are to be exported are cooled before the exportation and sent at the accurate temperature needed by the cargo. If the reefer container with fruits fails to meet the temperature requirements or takes too long to reach its destination, then it is rejected in the receiving country. To prevent the risk of cargo rejection specific checks are done before exportation. These include checking of humidity level, air circulation and how much cargo is stuffed in the container. It is crucial to keep a check on the air gaps to prevent the air in the container from going out as well as to maintain the stability of the goods container on the ground.

Reefer containers and transportation of fruits and vegetables around the world has a significant role to play as they are used to maintain the quality of the goods it is carrying. Reefers are very efficient in doing so as it keeps the temperature maintained and thus, they are extensively used for the purpose.