Unique Facts About Best Cold Chain Solutions Company

Cold chain solution is a process or a system that involves the temperature sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, biologics, lab specimen, and few agri-food products. A logistical system, thermal and refrigerated packaging methods are established in the transport or at the storage of a manufacturer place to protect these products from getting damaged. These cold chain technologies can be set up in the transport which includes refrigerated trucks and railcars. Even refrigerated cargos are invented for ships and air cargos.

Many companies have established this system in their manufacturing process. But there are companies who especially invest in this cold chain solution system. And those best cold chain solutions Company is best because of the following facts:

  1. They involve infrastructures like pre-cooling systems in their factories or on farms which are used in the initial stage of the supply process. And after that these products and goods are transferred to the desired destination through refrigerated trucks, rail wagons or air cargo containers. In worldwide, there was a change of 181 billion U.S. dollar in air trade value in between 2000-2016 of pharmaceutical products. Among high tech products and machinery parts, this is considered to be the 3rd highest commodity.
  2. Before the goods are delivered to their destination to the end customer, they move these goods to the cold storage in refrigerated warehouses through ports, terminals, and other markets. From the estimation in 2016, around 600 million cubic meters of refrigerated warehouses are built overall, globally.
  3. Since maintaining a temperature integrity needs a higher level of control for all the process involved. So, they have installed higher levels of cold chain integration to maintain the level.
  4. They have even taken the initiative to create an environment to keep the product in good condition, a proper temperature controlled environment it requires. So they adopt many cold chain technologies in order to gain the temperature controlled environment. Among those technologies, superior used technologies are:
  5. Dry ice is capable of keeping the shipment of product frozen for a long period of time. Solid carbon dioxide comprises of -80°C.
  6. Gel packs consist of a phase changing substances which undergo from solid to liquid and vice versa in order to control an environment. This is the most common method used to provide temperature to the products that require a temperature between 2-8°C.
  7. Liquid Nitrogen is about -196°C which is a cold substance that is used mainly while transportation since it acts as a temperature controller for an extended period of time.
  8. Quilts act as a buffer when it is kept over or around a cargo/load in temperature variation as it maintains the temperature relatively constant.
  9. Reefers are mostly user technology by every cold chain solutions company. It is normally either a small van or small truck or a standard ISO container or a semi-trailer. These are transported units which are insulated and specially designed to allow controlled temperature which is attached to an independent refrigeration plant.

These facts of the process and technologies involved by the cold chain factories make them Best cold chain solutions Company. Due to this system only, the populations are eating healthy and getting treated safely.