What is Cold Chain Management and Solutions

It is very important for businesses that need to deep freeze their products to understand all the basics and even advanced knowledge of cold chain management. Coal chain management is used to store products of a company at a particular temperature to prevent them from going bad. Generally, the industries associated with cool chain management are the food and beverages industries.

These are the products that need to be stored at a particular temperature to maintain the quality and taste that is promised. The whole process of coal chain solutions requires meticulous planning and execution to make sure that nothing goes wrong and products are preserved effectively.

Now we will discuss what steps can be taken to make the whole process of cool chain management easy for both the service taker and provider. We will also tell you how as a company you can benefit from cold chain management and what different services you can take from them.

What is Cold Chain Management About?

Cold chain management is the whole process of transporting goods from one place to another while preserving their quality by deep freezing them at the required temperature. It requires a lot of care and precision so it is different from the normal transportation of goods. Generally, cold chain management deals with products from the field of pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, make-up, skincare and other related stuff.

To build profitable cold chain management, logistics featuring temperature control facilities are necessary. It also must have a lot of space to store more products at once. The whole transportation system must be backed by artificial intelligence so that in the time of emergency, alternative solutions can be taken to ensure the safety and quality management of products. This is because the products that are transported through cold chain solutions are perishable which means that they have a lower shelf life as compared to other goods. This is why preserving them at a low temperature helps in maintaining their quality and usability.

How Does it Work?

Cold chain management involves the transportation of goods under a very controlled ecosystem where you can manage the temperature of the stored products. In case of some unprecedented problem, you can still figure out some way as you have a backup plan powered by the equipment that you used for cold storage. One of the most important features in cool store management is data loggers. Data loggers help you in tracking the temperature of your shipment and monitor the whole journey of transportation to make sure that the desired requisites are met throughout. This helps in avoiding any unwanted damages and transportation and also ensures safe delivery of the products.

Advantages of Cold Chain Management

There are a lot of benefits associated with cold chain management. Some of the benefits are-
This helps in reducing the potential threat of the products getting damaged or bad during transportation. Everything can be monitored and analyzed even from a far-off distance.

Cold chain management helps in maintaining the quality of the product which further increases the brand image and customer satisfaction. You also get away from any unwanted penalties and losses.

It makes transportation extremely easy and tension free. This process will help you in entering new market spaces and export your products into areas where you thought it was initially impossible.
You will also be easily able to meet the compulsory quality check standards established globally by different food corporations to ensure the health of the customers.

What types of products are transported through Cold chain management?

Generally, the product data transported through cold chain solutions include pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, cosmetic products and other makeup-related items. All of these products need to be preserved at a particular temperature to ensure quality standards and safe delivery of them. Some of the products that necessarily need call cold chain management during transportation are-

Food and Beverages:
Meat and seafood
Carbonated drinks
Frozen food
Fruits and vegetables
Dairy and Poultry
Ready-to-eat packed food

Reactive chemicals

Skincare products
Foundations and concealers

All of these products need to be stored at a particular temperature to make sure that they reach customers in the desired condition. Not all of them have to be stored at extremely cold temperatures. In fact, during winter, some fruits and vegetables have to be stored in warm temperatures to maintain their taste and texture.

What is the accurate temperature for storing different products?

We need to understand that not all products have to be stored at the same temperature. Different products require different temperatures at which they don’t go bad. This is why it is important to understand this whole concept of product storage and management. For example-
Seafood and meat need to be stored below -15°C.

Fruits, vegetables, dairy and fresh meat need to be stored somewhere between 2°C to 4°C
All the products related to the pharmaceutical industry and other medicines must be stored at a temperature between 2°C to 8°C.
Processed food and over-the-counter drugs need to be stored at a temperature between 8°C to 14°C

The technological improvement in coal chain solutions has made this attainable for human beings to transport products at such extreme temperatures. At one point in time, industries couldn’t carry on transportation this way. But now as we are progressing with the help of science and technology, everything is possible and accessible.

Problems associated with cold chain management

One of the biggest hazards associated with this industry is the threat of unexpected temperature fluctuations and technology failures. This can lead to huge losses for both the customers and service providers. There are a lot of factors which can lead to such a situation such as improper packaging, not checking equipment at regular intervals and improper changes in the temperature.

Contamination is another big problem in transportation. If the products come in contact with some kind of debris or dirt, it can make the product useless. This is why it is very important to maintain a high level of hygiene in your vehicles.

It is very important to understand that in the industry of coal chain management, data logos are your best friends. A data logger helps you in analyzing and monitoring the whole transportation process. You can even share updates with your customers to ensure the safe delivery of their products.