Portable cold storages

Portable Refrigerated Storage Containers Available for Short/Long Term Hire and Sale

Portable Cold Storage is an innovative new solution by the company, which enables manufacturers, distributors, and others to store temperature-sensitive cargo on their premises. This solution helps customers avoid huge investments in the creation of storage space, enabling them to focus their investments and energy on their core business.

Refrigerated Storage Containers are excellent vacancies to stock fruits and vegetables, and also other products such as dairy, meat, fish, and many more, as they increase endurance and further restrict deterioration of foods. Hiring Portable Cold Storage Containers is a fabulous approach to store items as they will retain them much cooler than conventional cabin temperature. Crystal Logistic Cool Chain Ltd is a comprehensive cold chain logistics company that supplies portable cold store containers for short and long-term hire. Crystal is one of the most far-reaching and fastest developing co-operation providers and offers assistance such as cold storage warehousing, and cold storage transportation on a pan-India network.

Why You Should Hire Portable Cold Storages Containers??

There are manifold advantages that are associated with hiring refrigerated container units, beneficial for both private and enterprise use. Let’s pin down the main reasons that aptly justify the utilitarian purposes of portable cold store containers-

Flexible Adaptability of Temperature Setting

The portable Refurbished Reefer Containers are temperature tractable and can be employed for diverse purposes by altering the temperature to regulate the moisture content of the stocks being kept in a draft freezer. These units will also serve to preserve the client's stocks from severe temperatures and climate variances that will befall outside of the storage container. Another excellent impression about these Refurbished Reefer Containers that they can be utilized as a dehumidifier to regulate the moisture content when dry warehousing is required.

Highly Functional

Crystal's warehouses offer Portable cold storage near me in several distinctive sizes and types to meet the client's particular needs. These custom cold storage units can be tailored with the right refrigerant arrangement to satisfy the special needs the clients may have. Crystal also supplies portable systems and stationary units, accessible in various sizes. Depending on the type of client's business, these refrigerated container units can take up extra range for other purposes. These inside coolers not only free extra space but also come with fans and compressors to eliminate excess heat from the room if a refrigerated warehouse unit is kept outside of the workstation. Apart from the factors of extra space and temperature adjustment, the containers also diminish the noise level due to constant operation.

Power Backup

Crystal cold chain logistics company offers cold storage portable Containers that allow the clients to stock products even in the moment of an electrical blackout. The airtight structure of a refrigerated storage vault will subtract the heat of the expanse to outlast at a more depressed and resolute temperature for a lengthier interval. These Cold storehouse cabins can also be arranged up to fit the room demands the client may require by affixing circuit shelving brackets. Free-standing shelves can also be employed for random replacement.

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Reefer Container
Dimensions External Length External Width External Height Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Floor Space
10' x 8' x 8'6" 3000 mm 2450 mm 2620 mm 2360 mm 2292 mm 2230 mm 12.5 m3
20' x 8' x 8'6" 6058 mm 2450 mm 2620 mm 5427 mm 2292 mm 2230 mm 28.8 m3
40' x 8' x 8'6" 12193 mm 2450 mm 2620 mm 11560 mm 2292 mm 2230 mm 69 m3